Why I'm running

I am running for Congress because the federal government is out of control and threatening our freedom and prosperity.  If civic-minded people can agree on nothing else, they ought to be able to agree that the federal government has made a mess out of most of the policy initiatives that extend beyond traditional constitutional powers, and that many of these policies ought to be set at the state level.  We need a revolution in governmental structure, with radical decentralization, radical simplification, and increased accountability.  Long-term incumbents like my opponent seem incapable of even understanding the structural problems they create by never pruning the tree of government.

I received my A.B. degree in physics from Harvard College in 1981, my J.D. from Yale Law School in 1985, and my M.B.A. from Yale School of Management also in 1985.  I am a partner in the Portland, Oregon law firm of Murphy & Buchal LLP.  Representing citizens in a wide variety of disputes with the government has given me a keen understanding of how to improve government.

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  • commented 2014-10-29 07:51:15 -0700
    The chief way that the liberal Democrats in Oregon have sought to silence support for the brilliant, James Buchal is to ignore his existence refusing to allow him equal time on local TV shows, in Portland Newspapers or online with such sites as Wikipedia. Voters should wonder why the Left is so afraid of James Buchal, who has devoted his legal career to fighting for individuals against the leftwing overbearing government agencies. Our country needs James Buchal’s genius in Congress and in my opinion the White House.
    As the former Chair of the Conservative Party USA (Oregon) I can assure you that James Buchal is without a doubt the most conservative limited government candidate running for Congress in Portland. Unfortunately there is no established Conservative minor party in Oregon, there is however a Constitution Party and Independent Party both of which have, like the Republican Party, nominated this great man to represent Portlanders in Congress. Buchal’s opponent Ebola flight supporting, incumbent, liberal, Congressman Earl Blumenauer has never agreed to debate or even be in the same room with any of his political opponents nor has he ever displayed much regard for his constituents by waging even a nominal political campaign on TV or radio. Incumbent Earl Blumenauer has NEVER held down a job outside of elected office yet he has amassed a fortune of nearly $7M as he pretends to represent the best interest of Portlanders in Congress. Portland’s CD3 is widely considered one of the safest liberal seats in Congress, if Portlanders are indeed fed up with Obama’s lawlessness and wish to shock the country by electing a man of true integrity then they will all vote for James Buchal to replace Congressman Earl Blumenauer.
  • commented 2014-10-28 19:49:08 -0700
    There’s no Wikipedia entry on James Buchal…why?
    I’m a Native-born Oregonian and am presently attempting to sort out [with some confusion] and fill out my paper-ballot for Oregon’s General Election and am attempting to sort out the names on the ballot with [or against] those printed in my Oregon Voter’s Pamphlet [which isn’t very comprehensive enough].
    I’m voting for Republicans/Constitution/Conservatives for Oregon 2014.
    James Buchal isn’t listed as Conservative in the Voter’s pamphlet; Why is James Buchal listed only as an Independent/Republican/Constitution Candidate but leaves out Conservative in the Voter’s Pamphlet?

    I’m beginning to think that these Voter’s Pamphlets and ballots are printed and assembled by Liberal Democrats who are deliberately printing obscured and misleading information on Republican/Constitution/Conservative Candidates as the ballots seem to display a limited number of printed-names of Candidates and their Party-affiliation…just who prints these Oregon ballots and Pamphlets anyway?
  • commented 2014-10-20 08:14:19 -0700
    James Buchal needs contributions right now to purchase radio time for this ad. http://conservativecrew.blogspot.com/2014/10/buy-ad-for-buchal.html#links
  • commented 2014-08-13 11:50:11 -0700
    United we stand. Candidates who are determined to restore Constitutional Government can greatly strengthen their political clout by joining with like-minded candidates at c3candidates.com.

    When this team grows to a sizable number of several hundred, it will have the power to win the hearts, minds and support of every American who cherishes liberty, justice and a better future for their children. Every voter in every state will have the ability to support every Constitutional Candidate, in all 50 states, with just one click of their computer mouse.

    Please visit this attractive and user-friendly website www.c3candidates.com, and join the team that will turn our Ship of State straight towards our beloved Constitution, with liberty and justice for all.
  • commented 2014-08-04 18:31:50 -0700
    I feel bad that I missed the tele town hall but I am going to find the recording and listen to it. James is what we need for entire country not just this race. His attitude and stances on issues makes him a great American!

    Thank you James for all you do and all you have to tolerate
  • commented 2014-08-03 17:23:47 -0700
    Mr. Buchal is a stand – up man, worthy of the office for which he’s competing. Sadly, he’s not running against Kurt Schrader so I can’t vote for Buchal, but I encourage everyone who’s had to own Blumenauer to vote for Buchal this November.
  • commented 2014-05-05 04:05:00 -0700
    I don’t know if Buchal is the right choice. What I do know is Blumenauer is the wrong choice. Lately it doesn’t seem to matter what the promises are, politicians don’t keep them or even attempt to acknowledge them once they get into office. If Buchal can do what he says he wants to do, LET GET THIS RACE UNDER WAY!
  • commented 2014-02-01 18:18:07 -0800
    Thanks Lisa for sending the links. I’m trying to contact him. Email I have doesn’t work.
  • commented 2013-12-07 16:40:30 -0800
    It is great James Buchal is running in my congressional district. He gives the race a great choice between government very heavy (Blumenauer & as now) or government-on-a-diet and healthier (Buchal).
  • commented 2013-12-04 09:25:33 -0800
    After making every effort to help Delia Lopez defeat Earl Blumenauer in 2010 I am proud to see another of my management clients, the brilliant, Yale educated Portland attorney, Mr. James Buchal take up the challenge. During Buchal’s 2012 race for Oregon Attorney General, we traversed around the great state of Oregon speaking to voters about the issues that matter most . After spending his legal career advocating for the private property and mineral rights of individual citizens against the state and local governments, I believe James Buchal is precisely the right spokesperson for individual liberty in Congress.